Vikings Game

Vikings Game : The bulk of the preseason openers are tonight for NFL teams, with 11 games on the docket. The Vikings won’t open their preseason slate until Friday in New Orleans, with kickoff at 7 p.m. (CT).

Vikings Game

And, as is always the case this time of year, each of the four NFC North teams have high hopes for a successful 2019 season.

A group of beat writers at The Athletic recently looked through each roster among the Vikings, Bears, Lions and Packers and put together a preseason “All-NFC North Team.” Minnesota led the way with nine selections.

The Vikings had five players on offense, including wide receivers Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, who were included along with Green Bay’s Davante Adams.

National outlets that came to visit Vikings camp made darn sure to ask every interview subject about them. Kirk Cousins was asked by the locals so many times that he got frustrated and gave a one-day-at-a-time lecture after a preseason game and from the sounds of Adam Thielen’s comments this week, the SBOB attitude may have permeated the locker room at times.

“You kind of have a feeling when you’re around a team that thinks about expectations or talks about it a lot in the locker room, to the media, what have you. I think that’s when you’re not playing your best football,” Thielen said during his second podium session of camp. “I think teams that usually win Super Bowls or are playoff teams consistently, they’re just coming out here and busting their tail, they’re not worried about that. I think that’s the mindset this team has right now.”

But 2018 was not SBOB. Here’s how we know: The Vikings are in the top half of the league by Vegas odds to win the Super Bowl. Their offensive line is better. Their offensive coordinator is probably better. Their defense is pretty much the same. The head coach and general manager are still here.

The Vikings’ 2019 preseason kicks off tonight in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Although the majority of fans deem the preseason useless, there’s still dozens of roster decisions that need to be made.

HOW TO WATCH // Vikings Game LIVE

Even though Teddy Bridgewater will likely steal the show for the Saints, there are a few things Vikings fans should watch for.

Thielen stopped by to meet the Bennerottes following the July 28 morning’s walk-through session, which was moved to the Indoor Practice Facility due to inclement weather. He cheerfully greeted a wide-eyed Jack and his younger brother, Evan, and then added another surprise.

“We’ve got four season tickets for you!” Announced Thielen, who handed commemorative tickets to Jack before joking, “Are you excited? Are you going to show up, or are you going to sell them?

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