Vikings NFL Game

Vikings NFL Game : The NFL preseason is trash. Fortunately, league decision-makers know it. Better yet, they have reached a point where they can realistically do something about it.

Vikings NFL Game

The 2021 expiration of the collective bargaining agreement with players provides a natural moment to restructure the traditional, four-week preseason template. Whether it shrinks by one or two games per team likely depends on the alternative revenue source — an expanded regular season and/or playoffs, for example — that players agree to.

The Vikings’ offensive line was the team’s Achilles heel throughout the 2018 season, which struggled after the death of offensive line coach Tony Sparano just two days before the season. Minnesota started eight offensive linemen at least two games in 2018, failing to receive any continuity with the unit.

The Vikings allowed 40 sacks in 2018, which was tied for 15th in the NFL (increased from 27 the year prior). Minnesota struggled to find a consistent ground game, having just five 100-yard rush games in 2018 compared to 13 the year prior. The Vikings finished 30th in the NFL in rushing, way down from seventh the year before.

The Buccaneers and Chiefs come to mind from last year; even if you were buying into Andy Reid’s ability to coach offense, there were only a few people preaching the idea of Patrick Mahomes turning the Chiefs offense into some kind of Death Star for defenses. Tampa had a ton of players but it wasn’t a guarantee they would be good — and they weren’t as a team, but the offense certainly produced.

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For the purposes of this exercise we eliminated the following teams — Chiefs, Rams, Chargers, Patriots, Buccaneers, Falcons, Steelers, Saints, Colts — from being selected as a breakout offense.

Remember, this is not a team taking a huge leap forward. It’s a somewhat surprising offensive explosion. If the Falcons had the best offense in football this year, no one would blink. Same goes for the Steelers, although they arguably could meet the criteria with Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell departing.

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